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  • Examining the Intersection of Healthcare and Wearable Technology Nowadays

Examining the Intersection of Healthcare and Wearable Technology Nowadays

Examining the Intersection of Healthcare and Wearable Technology Nowadays

Ziga Infotech is a leading mobile app, web development, and digital marketing agency in Chennai, serving globally recognized healthcare brands. With over a decade of expertise, we specialize in empowering healthcare brands to achieve unparalleled reach in their target markets. Our commitment is to enhance communication and expand brand presence for our clients. Drawing from years of experience, Ziga Infotech crafts campaigns that resonate with the intended audience. Our approach goes beyond creating campaigns based on fleeting moments; instead, we rely on an in-depth understanding of our client’s target demographics, market segmentation, and the intricate pathways of patient journeys within their healthcare institutions.


Success Record

Our proven success record indicates our capability to connect with the right people through strategic campaigns, ensuring our clients succeed in the dynamic healthcare landscape. We are dedicated to enhancing our client’s businesses by delivering value through impactful creatives and comprehensive strategies. In healthcare branding, our specialized services encompass a spectrum from traditional desktop deliverables to cutting-edge 3-dimensional projection technology. Beyond being just an agency, we position ourselves as brand partners, actively contributing to the resounding success of our clients.


Providing Services

On the digital frontier, we take the lead in nurturing healthcare brands. Recognizing the significance of Internet marketing in the current landscape, we have propelled numerous healthcare campaigns and expanded the reach of healthcare brands through online platforms. Our custom-designed websites are not only technically robust but also aesthetically appealing. Ziga Infotech’s web development team has successfully collaborated with over 20 healthcare brands, providing expertise in effective SEO strategies, mobile app development services, and engaging social media marketing.


Exploring New Avenues

We have expanded our service portfolio to include managing and promoting healthcare events and conferences, such as Hospital Business Management and CMEs, ensuring our clients take advantage of every opportunity for market exposure. Ziga Infotech has a global reach, actively exploring new avenues for business expansion for our clients. We are deeply involved in market development initiatives, maximizing opportunities like custom application development and outsourcing services.


Understand Client Needed

As an agency, our core values drive us to go the extra mile, promising our clients extraordinary results. Our comprehensive knowledge of the healthcare sector enables us to craft marketing strategies to address specific business challenges and opportunities. We prioritize contextual creativity and research-driven insights over superficial branding and marketing rituals. Rejecting the notion of a one-size-fits-all solution, we immerse ourselves in understanding our clients’ businesses within their unique contexts, considering patient trends and business factors that are not generic. This understanding empowers us to tailor our services to the advantage of our clients.


Throughout the years, Ziga Infotech has elevated the comprehensive brand image of web development at various stages. It is rapidly growing in the healthcare market, and we worked on projects like eCare, eHealth, MyArogyaMyDoctor, and NHM(National Health Mission) —by providing strategic solutions. We align ourselves with our client’s brand mission and vision, translating them into actionable plans and enabling them to witness the outcomes of possessing a robust healthcare brand with a more prominent presence. Several healthcare brands that have trusted us are now on a larger, brighter, and more productive journey than ever before.

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