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ZIGA INFOTECH wishes happy women’s day

Worldwide Women’s Day, a day when we honor ladies’ tremendous strength and interesting capacities, falls on March 8 which is a Monday this year. This day is intended to maintain women’s activist qualities and praise womanhood without limit. It’s likewise an event to praise the incredible accomplishments of ladies and the significant commitments they’ve made to the world.

To see how this day became, here is its intriguing history and importance:


The worldwide festival emerged from ladies’ freedoms developments in the US, Russia and other European nations where they requested common, social, political and strict privileges for ladies. In 1909, the Socialist Party of America introduced the main National

Lady’s Day on February 28 in the United States.

The festival crossed borders when lobbyist Clara Zetkin proposed holding an International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen in 1910. With around 100 ladies from 17 distinct nations present at the gathering, the choice to make the Women’s Day festival worldwide was passed.

Global Women’s Day was first seen in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland in the year 1911.

The date of March 8 was picked for the festival as it denotes the day when ladies in Soviet Russia began fights for the option to cast a ballot which they were allowed in 1917. A public occasion was subsequently announced on a similar date.

Prior, the date (March 8) was just celebrated by communist activists and socialist nations. In any case, the bigger women’s activist development took on it in 1967. The festival acquired authenticity when the United Nations started recognizing International Women’s Day in 1975 and after two years, the UN General Assembly authoritatively formalized it as International Women’s Day.